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SUPER EDUCATION was founded in 1999, with the experience of 10 years’teaching, SE has formed unique ideas and ways of teaching forein language so as to meet the different demands of varied students. SE, which aims at not only teach “what to learn”, but also “how to learn”, enables students to fall in love with and appreciate foreign language through lively interactive learning. SE has already won great reputation as it place equal importance on teaching and service and keep trying its best to creat a learning platform of superior cost performance.
The training department of SUPER EDUCATION is dedicated to povide professional and high-level corporation trainings for enterprise and public institutions. We will provide professional training for enterprise employees with our great teachers and their rich teaching experiences. Besides, we can make customer-made training plans and various trainings for foreign language learning and certificates
1、Analysis of Client Needs
The client representatives will call or go in person to talk over with clients, thus they can get a better understanding of clients needs from the company’s background, job requirements, employees that to train and their English levels as well as their schedules targets and offer preliminary course suggestions accordingly.

、Syllabus Design
According to clients needs and the test results, we will make course plans of different difficulty levels, or add relative materials and arrange teachers according to clients’ specific demands.

、Signing a Training Agreement
  After friendly consultations, we will sign an agreement on training so to make sure the training can be carries out smoothly.

、Placement Test for Trainees
Free test on language levels, the written test aims at examine one’s vocabulary and grammar, oral test aims at examine one’s soeaking skills and situational dialogue skills. The test results will be taken into consideration for course suggestions.

、Training Practice
Teachers of SE will, based on training outline, combine class teaching and extracurricular independent learning together. we can offer a set of flexible options of trainers with different backgrounds and specialties to meet different course objectives.
6、Tracking and  Feedback Collecting
SE workers will collect feedbacks from students and teachers at regular intervals, including attendance of both students and teachers, quality control on teaching content and methods, so as to improve teaching quality and effect.

、Achievement Test and Result Evaluation
At the end of the training, all the students will take a final exam, which can also be considered as the evaluation of teaching. All the papers and evaluation sheets will be kept.
二、training model 
SE is capable of providing you with various training ways to help you organize the enterprise training work more conveniently.
 1. training center: super possesses an elegant enivronment and the atmosphere to learn is keen, in such a place you can put your heart into learning.
2. training delivery: in order to help the enterprise sovle practicalproblem and overcome the inconvenience of traveling, training teachers of SE can offer training delivery which allows our clients to enjoy the standard language training indoor.
3. corporation membership: enterprises can arrange their employees to take courses in SE with introduction letter at any time and corporation training students can enjoy a 4% discount of the tuition fees.
三、course offering
                             Training for certificate
     Aim: to pratice students’basic skills on listening, speaking, reading and writing, we will unlock the huge potential of the students and make sure that they can get a big improvement in English after training. Only in this way can they lay a good foundation for various exams on certificates.
Training courses:Business English Cambridge (level 1,2,3), Public English Test Tystem (level 1-4), College English Test 4 and 6, Intermediate and advanced interpretation courses, IELTS, TOECI, etc.
Oral English training given by foreign teachers
Aim: there was a time when we sighed that “our English is silent and dumb even after a decade study”. The lively teaching ways of SE and the association between the professional speaking materials and special teaching activities will take every student into considersation. Besides, we use various teaching ways to assist your English to be smart rather than dumb.
Courses: new interchange: level 1-6
SE will, besed on adults’ English foundations and learning traits, nichetargetingly design English basic courses that aim at improve students’ overall English level. Through thiese courses, enterprise students can lay a sound foundation for improving their spoken English and business writing in the future.
Courses: New Concept English 1-4, American English (intro,preliminary, intermediate,adance), Essential Grammar in USE (intro,preliminary, intermediate,adance),
二、 Japanese, German, French and other foreign languages training.
    SE,thanks to its keen angle of view, took the lead in training minor languages in Changzhou. Its foreign languages training includes: Japanese, German, French, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, etc.
三、Teaching chinese as a foreign language
Along with the economic and political development of China, increasing foreign people have gained the enthusiasm in learning Chinese. In the Chinese enterprises, there are also lots of foreign people plan to learn Chinese. In this field, S,E with itskeen angle of view, took the lead in introducing Chinese language course and has become the exclusive training agency of TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers for Other Languages)
Courses: Chninese language course.
四、Some successful corporative training cases:
SUPER EDUCATION wholeheartedly welcomes the cooperation with enterprises and public institutions.
Consultant: Miss. Yang. TEL0519 86697929-8802 86693016   Fax0519-86693016     QQ497713363
咨詢電話: 0519-86693016
傳  真: 0519-86693016
服務熱線: 0519-86693016
地  址: 常州市南大街28號商務樓C座6樓(百貨大樓對面,天福茗茶樓上)
Q Q: 535281821,1004427078
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